Free modo scene with model and shader



We are please to announce the release of yet another scan store freebee, this time were not just giving away the model but also a render ready modo scene complete with functioning light and SSS setup. Shading is a tricky business and more often than not great shading is let down by the subject there is no better way to get to grips the process than by using real scan data.


Modo 801 - Require modo content installed

Data set

  • Modo scene Simple to use controls and navigation similar to most 3d software packages
  • OBJ  Level 4 export from Zbrush
  • SSS maps, Subdermal, epidermal and Lower Dermal colour and control maps
  • Reflection maps, Specular, Reflection and roughness maps
  • Color maps 10,000 x 10,000 pixel colour maps



Private use and testing only (see our terms and conditions) if you wish to use this model for a commercial project please get in touch with us.

Screen captures


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