Free Blender Skin shader



Once again we are giving away a super cool render scene with skin shader and high resolution Head Scan, this time for Blender! This shader was created by the tallented Andrei Cristea Lead Character Artist at CCP Games in Iceland. Take a look at his amazing portfolio and be sure to thank him for generously donating his skin shader.



Blender 2.74 or later. (Download here)

Data set

  • Blender scene Shader and model setup and ready to render
  • OBJ  Level 4 export from Zbrush
  • Zbursh tool, High resoltion Zbursh tool with 8 million poly level 6 object and 5k poly level 1 subdivision
  • Reflection maps, Specular, Reflection and roughness maps
  • Color maps 10,000 x 10,000 pixel colour map



Private use and testing only (see our terms and conditions) if you wish to use this model for a commercial project please get in touch with us.

Screen captures



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