Gluck 3D head print


Our friend the mega talented hyperrealist sculptor Jamie Salmon has just released an interesting video over on his YouTube channel Every Tool in the Box investigating just how good resin printers are at the moment. 

In his latest video, he takes a look at an SLA resin print created by Korean company Gluck using one our our HD head scans.  He reviews the quality of the print (spoiler alert, it's excellent) and compares and contrasts to other prints and also to life casting. What's interesting is just how impressive the results can be when both the printer quality and the scan quality are high.



Jamie estimates that the print supplied by Gluck captured up to 95% of the textures from our scan which is pretty incredible. 




Also of note is the size of the print, slightly larger than life size. This took 17 hours to print, according to Gluck. 



When compared to an FDM PLA filament print Jamie found that the layer lines were far less visible, in fact barely discernible. 



Jamie thinks it's only a matter of time until this level of print is available to consumers within the desktop printer market. Watch this space!

It's worth subscribing to Jamie's YouTube channel, as in a future video he's planning to take this print and utilise it to showcase some of his molding and painting techniques which will be super interesting. 


The head scan used for this amazing print is our HD Male 01 scan available to purchase here 

3D Male Head Scan

3D Head Scan alpha skin details