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3D Scan Store was created by and is still run by artists James Busby and Chris Rawlinson (if our names sound familiar, you may know our studio Ten24).  The store was founded over 10 years ago and continues to go from strength to strength as we build our inventory of digital humans (well, mostly humans, we’ve been known to create the odd gorilla or horse!). 

Our Products

We sell a range of products for various end uses. Body scans, head scans, hands and feet, base meshes and more.  Most popular with studios and commercial clients are our head scans, within this category we offer HD heads, animation ready heads, retopologised heads, and expression packs. 

Who we work with 

A range of clients both large and small buy our products for use in their games, animation, films, advertising, AR, VR and other projects. 

Licence Types 

We offer 3 different licence types, typically the most suited to commercial clients is the Business Commercial Project Licence. This is the licence type to select if you are buying a product that you plan to integrate into a commercial, for sale product. 

You can read more about our licence types here 

If you are unsure about which licence you need to purchase, drop us an email and we’ll be able to advise. 

Bulk Discounts

If you plan to buy a lot of products from us, we are able to offer a discretionary discount. Please contact us with details of what you want to buy, and we’ll come back to you asap. Please note our office hours are 9 – 5 BST/GMT Monday – Friday. 

Licence Upgrades

You may have purchased a Business R&D licence for a project that has since then evolved into a commercial, for sale product. If that is the case, you will need to upgrade your licence type. Please email us with details of your initial order and we’ll arrange the upgrade. 

Payment Options 

Our store offers a range of payment options when you check out online, including Stripe, Paypal and Alipay. 

If you need to discuss a different payment method, feel free to contact us. 


We welcome feedback on our store and our products from all of our clients. Please email us with feedback or suggestions.