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22 Mar 4 ways to protect your artwork from AI
James Busby 0 37655
AI is a hot topic these days, and digital artists everywhere are in dismay about how their art is being used to train massive commercial AI image generators like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. Unfortunately, there's not much in the way of legal protection for artists whose work gets co-opted by these AI systems. So, if you want to keep your art o..
01 Mar Ukraine Crisis Fundraiser
James Busby 5 20195
Statement  14 days later and we’re so pleased to announce that together we have raised £77,110 in support of those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine. As previously stated we will be donating this sum to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.   We at 3DScanstore are in complete awe of the outpouring of support we’ve received for our Red ..
22 Feb Morphable Male and Female Base Meshes
James Busby 7 43040
      Introduction We are happy to announce the release of our latest morphable male and female base mesh models. These scan based morphable body assets will allow you to morph between underweight, average and overweight. This is a great way to begin building a character, simply select the adjust the layer sliders to the size / weight you want..
24 Sep HD Head Scan Case Study
James Busby 5 8443
Introduction This was the result of a rendering case study I created using one of our latest HD head scans. The model was posed by wrapping the lowest subdivision of the HD head scan ZTL to one of the same models full body scans. I then added some clothing from another scanning project and rendered it all in Marmoset Toolbag 4. Lighting was a..
06 Aug Vampire - Burjis Shroff Collaboration
James Busby 51 15298
Introduction A collaboration project I did with Burjis Shroff! He very kindly let me use his fantastic vampire sculpt. I textured him up using one of of our Scan Store HD head scans. As always I simply projected the scan onto the sculpt and used all the maps with the nice skin details to render in Marmoset. With this one I did a little bit of..
02 Aug Crescent - Niyazi Selimoğlu Collab
James Busby 120 14973
Introduction Once again I had the opportunity work work on a cool render with Niyazi Selimoğlu. This time I decided to try and do something a little bit more interesting that simply rendering a head. I took his amazing Crescent sculpt and projected on of our HD male head scans onto his sculpt. Then using the same techniques as described in m..
22 Jul Making of Michael Clark Duncan
2 16427
Introduction Brad Myers has kindly written this guest post, sharing the workflow that he used to create an amazing Michael Clark Duncan likeness. Over to you Brad!   Hey everyone, I wanted to share at a high level the workflow I used to create my Michael Clark Duncan likeness piece.  This began as a study to improve my ability to make reali..
25 Jun Male 05 Reference Poses
James Busby 5 14183
  Introduction Some renders of our new Male 5 Anatomy reference pack just added to the store. These renders are using the decimated 750k obj models with a colour map and a quick dirty high pass spec map.   Male 05 Anatomy Reference Pack and individual scans are all available here :: ..
26 Mar Clothing Scans
James Busby 6 17573
  Introduction We're proud to announce the release of our first set of scanned clothing models for artists. Each garment is supplied as both a real time low polygon game ready mesh with PBR textures as well as a high resolution ZBrush tool, giving artists and developers the freedom to use the assets in whichever way suits them. Our goal was to pr..
11 Dec Jamie Salmon's 3D Print Showcase
3 26526
  Our friend the mega talented hyperrealist sculptor Jamie Salmon has just released an interesting video over on his YouTube channel Every Tool in the Box investigating just how good resin printers are at the moment.  In his latest video, he takes a look at an SLA resin print created by Korean company Gluck using one our our HD head scans.  He ..
30 Nov Voight Kampff Workflow Process Breakdown
4 29742
     Introduction Hi, my name is Johan Vikstrom, I'm a senior 3D artist and have 16 years experience at Swiss International AB in Stockholm Sweden. I've also worked on the last Harry Potter movie for MPC in 2011 as a compositor. I've worked most of my career as a generalist doing a bit of everything. The last 5-6 years I've mostly been speci..
26 Mar Gorilla To Human
James Busby 81 16516
Morphing a gorilla  I decided to have a bit of fun with our new Gorilla ecorche model. Using Wrap 3 I retopologised the gorilla body mesh with our textured male base mesh transferring over not just the human body shape but also the texture. I was then able to create a morph target in Zbrush and export a verity of hybrid models.    ..
16 Dec 3D Head Model Library
James Busby 5 14415
  48 Male And Female 3D Head Models Created From High Resolution Scans We've expanded our library of 3D head scans to 48 male and female 3D head models all with animation ready topology, separate eyes, lens, eye lashes and teeth. Ready to use in any real-time application or offline render.        Interchangeable Texture Maps All of our ret..
04 Nov Hand 3D Models
James Busby 5 24729
  New Hand Scan library We have just uploaded a huge batch of high resolution retopologised 3d hand models created from high resolution photogrammetry scan data. Each hand comes with all the maps and geometry you need to easily intergrate these into any real time or off line project. Included in each model is the following  Retopologised Zbur..
14 Feb Newly launched multi texture base mesh products in the store
James Busby 1 19481
    Introduction   Give yourself a head start when it comes to texturing your sculpts with our multi texture male base mesh. This fully quadded UV mapped base comes with 10 x 16k texture maps captured using our photogerammetry rig. Each texture occupies exactly the same UV and can be swapped out at any time for a different texture. As a littl..
04 Feb Ultimate Male And Female Base Meshes
James Busby 2 21719
  Introduction   We are extremely happy to announce the release of our updated male and female base meshes. These represent a significant upgrade from the previous models available on the store and feature a fully quadded mesh with no triangles, perfect for sculpting, wrapping and rendering. Both male and female meshes are available either ..
28 Aug Deadmau5 with Nick DenBoer
andy 4 24801
Check out the full ‘Monophobia’ music video from deadmau5 & Rob Swire here in all its mad glory!   Nick Website: Nick Twitter: Nick Instagram: Nick Vimeo:
23 Aug Male And Female Ecorche Update
andy 2 38742
  Male And Female Ecorche Update By James Busby We're pleased to announce the release of our second generation male and female ecorche models. We have updated the models from the previous version with new more accurate muscle groups and intersections as well as poly painted ZTL files. We have also included new sculptable single mesh models w..
26 Jul Ultimate Male Hands Pack
andy 3 39391
  Ultimate Male Hands Pack By James Busby We're pleased to announce the release of our new ultimate male hands pack, featuring 11 x retopologised male hands. Each hand has been remeshed using Wrap 3's new optical flow feature allowing seamless blending between both textures and meshes. The above video shows the included fist sequence rendered..
19 Feb Next Generation Colour 3D Printing
andy 8 71514
Next Generation Colour 3D Printing By James Busby Our good friends at Mimaki very kindly sent us a selection of our scans printed using their latest colour 3DUJ-553 printer. The printer uses a full-colour UV LED curing method that allows for up to 10 million possible colour combinations. Obviously, this has a lot of applications in various in..
04 Dec New Female Anatomy Reference Pack
James Busby 1 33347
Introduction Our latest anatomy reference pack features 19 x female reference poses in OBJ format with 16k textures as well as 1 x retopologised and cleaned A Pose with 16k textures in both TGA and JPG format.   Data Set  15 x Reference Poses OBJ format                         16,384 x 16,384 JPG textures   1 x Cleaned Neutral Body Pos..
25 Oct New Male Anatomy Reference Bundle
andy 4 31637
Introduction We happy to announce the release of a new male reference pack. This one features a well-built 74-year-old. We've gone all out on this pack and as such it features a total of 17 colour scans including a high res head. The A Pose neutral scan is a retopologised mesh with correctly split and laid out UV's the 15 Reference poses shown..
09 Jan 3D Lenticular - Still Life
andy 8 14429
3D Lenticular Still Life   Jay Howse has created this fantastic photorealistic lenticular image showing lots of reflections and refractions using our fruit bowl scan from the free scanning reflective surfaces tutorial we wrote in 2016. The image uses a wide angle lens for which as Jay describes is not always considered particularly suitable fo..
06 Jan ARTURO by Alessandro Bavari
andy 5 15597
ARTURO by Alessandro Bavari   Award winning artist Alessandro Bavari directed and animated ARTURO using a combination of Softimage XSI, Vray, Zbrush, Photoshop and after effects. A hypnotic and nightmarish masterpiece that depicts a tortured sole trapped in a cycle of endless emotional turmoil.  Artist Website :
19 Dec The Art of Adam Pizurny
andy 3 28717
   The Art of Adam Pizurny   My name is Adam Pizurny, I work as freelance designer/illustrator based in Prague. I've started messing up in 3D in 2012. For a long time I'm obsessed with human face and figure so naturally tried to bring those to life (and death) in 3D aswell, after trying countless ways to generate human head on computer  Ive  st..
14 Dec Nööburgring - By Piotr Tatar
andy 1 11127
Piotr Tatar created this amazing scene for the Humster 3D 2016 car rendering competition, unsurprisingly it took first place. His toolkit included 3ds max, Redshift, Nuke, Mari, Marvelous designer, Zbrush, Photoshop, The scene is fully animation ready and with no post processing should look as good moving as it does as a static render. Piotr us..
14 Dec The wonderful world of Lee Griggs
andy 0 38438
     Try it out for yourself -- Free Head Scan available here   Introduction    My name is Lee Griggs and I am a technical author at Solid Angle. My job mostly entails testing, documenting and creating tutorials for the Arnold plugins in Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage, Cinema 4D, Houdini and Katana. All of the images here were rendered in camera with..
25 Nov Female Visualisation Characters
andy 63 16170
Low Polygon Female Visualisation Characters   We've put together a low polygon female visualisation character bundle. The pack features 22 different poses, each model has its own 10,000 x 10,000 colour map in JPG format, An 8k normal map as well as a 5k spec map. The models themselves are decimated 100k polygon scans. These are perfect for bac..
11 Nov 3D Scan Store - AOR-2 Military Scan Bundle
James Busby 3 11619
Introduction We are proud to announce the release of our latest Military bundle, featuring 6 full body scans dressed in AOR 2 military spec clothing. As well as the full body scans we've also included a super high-resolution neutral head scan with uncompressed 16k textures and as a bonus a separate AOR 1 tactical helmet scan. Data Set  5 x R..
11 Nov 3D Scan Store - AOR-1 Military Scan Bundle
andy 4 15580
Introduction We are proud to announce the release of our latest Military bundle, featuring 6 full body scans dressed in AOR 1 military spec clothing. As well as the full body scans we've also included a super high-resolution neutral head scan with uncompressed 16k textures and as a bonus a separate AOR 1 tactical helmet scan. Data Set  5 x R..
01 Nov Female Écorché Reference Images
andy 4 56702
Female Écorché Reference Images   Click to enlarge 3D model available here          ..
14 Oct Unreal Engine Scan Demo
andy 0 11742
Unreal Engine Scan Demo   This was a quick tech demo that we created to test out our Military scan bundles in Unreal Engine 4.13.1. The scans were converted in Modo to FBX and imported directly into Unreal with 8k texture maps (reduced from 16k) The environment is the amazing Conifer forest collection available on the Unreal market place   Unre..
29 Apr Distorting reality
James Busby 4 9959
Lee Griggs has very kindly allowed us to post some his amazing renders on our blog. Using scans from our store he has created a series of abstract and sometimes nightmarish images. its a refreshing change to see someone using our scans to such creative effect. let us know what you think in the comments below and dont forget to check out more of Lee..
03 Aug Modo 801 Environment render tests
James Busby 2 10163
A quick render test to show off some of the HDR Environment presents available with Modo 801. For the most part they all work really well. These are all straight renders with no alterations to the environment Intensity of the texture maps. The skin shader holds up really well under diverse lighting conditions however as you can see from some of t..
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