We are proud to announce the release of our latest Military bundle, featuring 6 full body scans dressed in AOR 1 military spec clothing. As well as the full body scans we've also included a super high-resolution neutral head scan with uncompressed 16k textures and as a bonus a separate AOR 1 tactical helmet scan.

Data Set 

5 x Reference Poses

  • ZTL and OBJ format (Zbrush 4R7 P3 or higher)                         
  • 16,000 x 16,000 JPG textures

1 x Cleaned Neutral Body Pose

  • ZTL and OBJ format (Zbrush 4R7 P3 or higher)
  • 6 x Subdivision levels
  • 2 x decimated OBJS with UV's
  • 16,000 x 16000 TGA (uncompressed) and JPG textures

1 x Cleaned Neutral High-Resolution Head Scan

  • ZTL and OBJ format (Zbrush 4R7 P3 or higher)
  • 7 x Subdivision Levels
  • Decimated OBJ
  • 16,000 x 16,000 TGA (uncompressed) and JPG textures

1 x Bonus Helmet Scan

  • ZTL and OBJ format (Zbrush 4R7 P3 or higher)
  • 8,000 x 8000 JPG textures

Reference Poses

A reference pose is a high high-resolution full body 3d scan that has been UV mapped and decimated to around 1 million polygons. Each of these scans comes in both OBJ and ZTL format with 16,000 x 16,000 JPG textures.



Cleaned Neutral Pose

The AOR 1 bundle features a cleaned, Zremeshed model with 6 subdivision levels and 16,000 x 16,000 textures in both uncompressed TGA format and JPG for ease of use.


High-Resolution Head Scan

The bundle comes with a super high-resolution head scan, with geometric detail right down to the pore level. It also features uncompressed TGA textures at 16,000 x 16,000 pixels as well as a 7 subdivision level ZTL and 2 decimated objs. 


Bonus AOR 1 tactical helmet scan

We have included a bonus reference scan of an AOR 1 tactical helmet supplied in both ZTL and OBJ format


Making of

The scans shown here have been captured using our single shot 180 custom built photogrammetry rig. Each scan contains over 3.5 Gigapixels of data which is then converted into the 3D models you see above using Reality Capture. The video below gives you a quick behind the scenes view of us capturing a single A pose scan. 

Some photographs from the day of the shoot. Our model was none other than the world-renowned comic book artist Trevor Hairsine