Give yourself a head start when it comes to texturing your sculpts with our multi texture male base mesh. This fully quadded UV mapped base comes with 10 x 16k texture maps captured using our photogerammetry rig. Each texture occupies exactly the same UV and can be swapped out at any time for a different texture. As a little something extra we have also included a head and shoulders ecorche model matched to the base mesh to help with sculpting 

Data Sets include

  • 1 x Base mesh in ZTL Format 
  • 1 x Base mesh in OBJ and FBX format   
  • 1 x Head and shoulders Ecorche reference in all above formats

10 x Texture Maps

All textures share the same UV space and can be replaced at any time during a sculpt.








16384 x 16384 Pixel Texture Maps

All maps are baked at 16k for the highest possible texture quality




Combine Textures

Combine any of the maps to create your own unique facial textures



Head And Shoulder Ecorche

As a bonus we have included a head and shoulders ecorche model to serve as sculpting reference



Zero Triangle mesh

There are absolutely no triangles in our base meshes, everything is 100% quadded topology (excludes eyes and teeth)




Clean upwrapped UV map

Each mesh is unwrapped to make maximum use of the UV space with minimal distortion