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17 Jun Advantages of using  the same  base mesh
James Busby 2 6039
Introduction A short video outlining the advantages of using a consistent base mesh for all your head sculpts. looking in particular at our Scan store base and how it can be used with multiple texture maps to very quickly and easily texture your sculpts using photographic textures captured with our photogrammetry rig. Download free base mesh..
17 Jun Free Base Mesh
James Busby 202 145910
Free to download male, female and super average base meshes We're giving away a set of 3 head base meshes, these base heads use the same topology as all of our retopologised and HD head scans and as such are compatible with all of the textures, normal maps and Zbrush models. One big advantage of this is that if you use one of these meshes as ..
14 Feb Newly launched multi texture base mesh products in the store
James Busby 1 19348
    Introduction   Give yourself a head start when it comes to texturing your sculpts with our multi texture male base mesh. This fully quadded UV mapped base comes with 10 x 16k texture maps captured using our photogerammetry rig. Each texture occupies exactly the same UV and can be swapped out at any time for a different texture. As a littl..
04 Feb Ultimate Male And Female Base Meshes
James Busby 2 21539
  Introduction   We are extremely happy to announce the release of our updated male and female base meshes. These represent a significant upgrade from the previous models available on the store and feature a fully quadded mesh with no triangles, perfect for sculpting, wrapping and rendering. Both male and female meshes are available either ..
27 Sep 2 Minute Tutorial - Head retopology for cleanup
andy 4 28874
2 Minute Tutorial - Head Retopology for cleanup By James Busby When it comes to cleaning up scan data you should always start with the best geometry you can. Working from RAW triangulated meshes can and will result in messy cleanup jobs with unwanted artefacts and floating geometry. In this video Im going to show you how to very quickly and v..
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