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New Hand Scan library

We have just uploaded a huge batch of high resolution retopologised 3d hand models created from high resolution photogrammetry scan data. Each hand comes with all the maps and geometry you need to easily intergrate these into any real time or off line project. Included in each model is the following 

  • Retopologised Zbursh source file with 7 x subdivision levels
  • OBJ and FBX exported sub divisionl level 1 models
  • 8192 x 8192 Normal and Specular maps in TGA and JPG formats
  • 8192 x 8192 Displacement map in 16bit Tiff format
  • 16384 x 16384 pixel albed / colour map in TGA and JPG formats

We have taken care to capture a large age and ethnic range for this collection 

Age Black Male  Black Female Asian Male Asian Female White Male White Female
20 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
40 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
60 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


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Our Collection

All renders shown here are captured in real time using Marmoset toolbag 3 using the supplied FBX model with the normal and spec maps.

20 Year Old Male

3D Male Hands Photorealistic Male 3D hand Model with Textures downloadMale 3D Hands

20 Year Old Female
Black Female 20 years old 3D Arm Model Scan 3D Hand Model Female 3D textured Hand Scan model

40 Year Old Male

40's Black Male scan model in Marmoset 3D Male 3D Hand Model with Textures 3D Hand Model with Texture

40 Year Old Female

3D Hand Model Female Black 40 Year old Full arm White Female scan model in 3D Forty Year old asian female scanned from bicep to fingertip model in 3d

60 Year Old Male
3D Male Hands Model 3D Male hands retopology texture 3D Male Hands Model

60 Year Old Female

Female Black HandsHand Texture mapsDownload Hand Textures

Texture and Geometery compatibility

All of our hands use the same mesh with the same point order and UV map, this means textures including normal and displacement maps can be swapped between model to create unique hands. retaining the geometry point order also means that the meshes can be easily morphed / mixed together to further create a totally unque hand model. 

Hand Model Texture maps

High resolution geometric details

Every one of our hands comes with the Zbursh source file which includes the highly detailed 7 subdivision Ztool. Below are some Zbrush screen shots to better illustrate the amount of geometry detail included in these hand models. 

Zbrush 3D Hand Model Download

 Hand Details 3D Model Zbrush UV mapped 3D Model Hand Zbrush Sculpt

 Zbrush Hand Sculpting details

Retopologised Meshes

Each of our hands is fully retopologised and ready to use either as a realtime normal mapped model or as a high resolution displaced mesh.

3D Hand Wireframe mesh

Marmoset renders

The renders below were created using Marmoset Toolbag 3 and the white male 60 years old hand model. We have had to create additional spec and micro maps for these renders, We will release a short tutorial on this very soon. 

Hand 3D Model Render Realtime

Realistic 3D Hand Model

3D Hand Details Scan Model

3D Hand Model Texture maps download

Hand Model 3D Model Scan Photogrammetry image map textures with UV map

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Download 3D Hand Model textures

3D Hand Skin shader Textures

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