3D Head Models download

48 Male And Female 3D Head Models Created From High Resolution Scans

We've expanded our library of 3D head scans to 48 male and female 3D head models all with animation ready topology, separate eyes, lens, eye lashes and teeth. Ready to use in any real-time application or offline render.


3D Head Models Download


Interchangeable Texture Maps

All of our retopologised 3d head models share the same UV coordinates so textures, including spec and normal maps can be transferred between heads at the click of a button.


3D Head Model UV Mapping

UV Mapping 3d Head Model Textures

Morph-able Geometry

Easily morph between head models to create your own totally unique head 3d characters, with 48 unique scans and textures its possible to create well over 10 million different combinations.



Clean Topology 

Clean topology, easy to modify and use as a base for sculpting.



16K Uncompressed PSD Texture Maps

All our retopologised 3D head modles feature 16K PSD textures along with 8k normal, spec, gloss and translucency maps.


3d Character render in realtime

Skin bump and normal mapping with UVs