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3D Model Pack 03 / Classical Female Body Scans

Naked Female 3D Body Scan
3D Model Pack 03 / Classical Female Body Scans
  • Model: 3D Model Pack 03 / Classical Female Body Scans

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This amazing full body female 3D model pack features 13 dynamic female classical poses perfect reference for sculpting, drawing or painting both transitionally or digitally. Each 3D model has been created using our 180 camera photogrammetry scanning system and is supplied in OBJ, FBX and Zbrush ZTL formats. These models are not textured and do not have UV Maps, each model is decimated to 200,000 polygons.  

Data Set 

13 x Grey scale reference poses

  • ZTL / OBJ / FBX format (Zbrush 4R8 P2 or higher)                         

  • 13 Individual Poses

Pose Renders

    Rendered in Modo using unaltered models from this pack 

    Nude Female 3D Model

    Female 3D Body Model Naked 3D Female Body Model

    3D Body Scan Female

    3D Body Model Female Nude 3D Body Scan Naked Female

    Posed 3D Female Model

    Woman Posed in 3D Model  3D Scanned Female Model

    3D Body Model Female

    Female 3d Body Scan  Naked Female 3D Model

    Nude Female Body Model

    Zbrush Tool

    For ease of use we have also included a ZTL file with all the poses and props as individual subtools. 

    Female Zbrush Model