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Male And Female Écorché Bundle

Male And Female Écorché Bundle
Male And Female Écorché Bundle
  • Model: Male and Female Écorché

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Our second generation male and female ecorche model pack. We've updated the models from the previous version with new more accurate muscle groups and intersections as well as poly painted ZTL files. We have also included new sculptable single mesh models which can easily be used to sculpt your own anatomically correct human figures from using the underlying musculature as reference. 

Data Set 

  • ZTL Ecorche model with split subtool muscle groups (Zbrush 4 R8 P2 or later)
  • ZTL Ecorche model with decimated sub tool muscle groups (Zbrush 4 R8 P2 or later)
  • ZTL Skeleton (Zbrush 4 R8 P2 or later)
  • ZTL Sculptable Ecorche (Zbrush 4 R8 P2 or later)
  • OBJ / FBX Sculptable Ecorche Sub Division Level 1 
  • OBJ / FBX Decimated Skeleton, Muscles and body
  • FBX Individual decimated subtools / muscles groups
  • TGA colour / normal and displacement maps for sculptable ecorche

If you have already purchased any of the ecorche models and you would like a free upgrade please email us with your order number and we will supply you with download links

    Female Ecorche


    Male Écorché


    Sculptable Ecorche Model

    Decimated OBJ / FBX Models



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