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Realtime clothing 3d models

Download 3d Clothes models
Realtime clothing 3d models
  • Model: Male Clothing Pack
  • SKU: MCP01

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These realtime ready male clothes pack comes with everything you need to create a realistic clothed character using high resolution scan data. The data set includes fully retopologised game ready low polygon models with PBR PSD textures for albedo, roughness, normal and metalness. We have also included the high resolution retopologised Zbrush source model with 8 subdivision levels and the full 16k colour map in PSD format. 

All scan store clothing has been altered from the original garments with logos and design specific detailing removed. 

Data Set includes

  • Retopologised low polygon game ready model in FBX format
  • High resolution Zbursh Subdivision model  (Requires version 2021.5 or later)
  • 16k PSD colour map for ZTL model
  • 8k PSD PBR texture for game model. Albedo / Roughness / Normal / Metalness 
  • 750k decimated model in FBX format
  • Full body male model ZTL / FBX with JPG textures.

Clothing Items

  • 1 x Jeans
  • 1 x Combat shorts
  • 1 x Smart combat pants
  • 1 x Worn combat pants
  • 1 x Chinos
  • 1 x Sweat pants
  • 1 x Hoodie
  • 1 x Heavy jacket
  • 1 x Shirt with sleeves rolled 
  • 1 x Sweater
  • 1 x Open neck top
  • 1 x long sleeve T-Shirt
  • 1 x Walking boots
  • 1 x Leather boot
  • 1 x Trainer
  • 1 x Full body male model

Download 3d clothes models


All scan store clothing items are scaled and positioned to fit the same base mannequin model which is included with this pack in the form of a fully texture mapped high resolution 3d body scan. Complete with source Zbursh files, exported Subdivision level 1 FBX models and a full set of textures in JPG format.

Download 3d clothing models

Download Male 3d body scan

Realtime ready game models / Pants / Trousers

All our clothing model are supplied with realtime low polygon UV mapped game objects that can be easily integrated into any game engine for lighting fast character creation.

Male Realtime jeans  3D clothing mesh male trousers

3D combats model trousers realtime 3d clothing models download

Download 3d fabric textures realtime trousers download

Download chinos 3d clothing scan Chinos 3d clothing model download

Sweat Pants 3d model download 3d model of sweat pants download

Download realtime shorts model  Download realtime shorts 3d model

Realtime ready game models / Tops

Download male jacket 3d model scan 3d male coat model download

Download realtime 3d hoodie model Hoodie 3d scan download

Download realtime sweater model  Download realtime jumper model with PBR textures

Download open shirt V neck model Download clothing scans T shirt

T shirt download realtime model 3D clothes scans tshirt

Shirt 3d scan model Shirt 3d Scan realtime model

Realtime ready game models / Shoes

Download boot 3d model from 3d scan Shoe scans download realtime

Download leather shoe 3d scan 3D boot model download leather 3d scan

Shoe 3d ScaN 3D shoe scan wireframe

PBR Textures

High resolution 8k PBR textures for albedo, normal, roughness and metalness. Albedo PSD has a photoshop layer to alter the colour of the fabric

Realtime clothing PBR textures

Denim fabric texture download

Zbrush subdivision model

The data set also includes the source Zbrush tool with 8 subdivision levels and 16k PSD textures. making them very easy to modify for any character or body shape

Zbrush shirt folds

Zbrush cloth

Realtime topology for games

Game model 3d clothes download