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Male anatomy reference 3d model

Male anatomy reference 3d model
Male anatomy reference 3d model
  • Model: Male 04 Anatomy Reference Pose 01
  • SKU: M04ARP01

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This male anatomy reference model is perfect for studying anatomical or for using as a basis for your own unique character. Our reference poses are produced using a combination of RAW scan data projection and automatic topology generation using Zremesher. Each model comes with a 5 subdivision ZTL model with between 7.5 and 8 million polygons at the highest level. We have also supplied a 750K decimated OBJ file with mlt and 8k JPG texture map. These models do not contain animation ready topology but are suitable for sculpting and basic rigging and movement.

Data Set 

  • 5 x Subdivision ZTL up to 8 million polygons

  • Decimated 750,000 polygon OBJ

  • 8192 x 8192 Colour map in JPG format



750K Decimated model rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3. All images shown here are rendered using the assets provided with the model. 

3D male body model download

3D male anatomy reference 3d model download


This models comes with a 5 subdivision level Zbrush model that has been automatically remeshed using Zremesher.