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Ultimate Textured Female Base Mesh

Ultimate Textured Female Base Mesh
Ultimate Textured Female Base Mesh
  • Model: Ultimate Textured Female Base Mesh

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Our ultimate textured female base mesh features a fully quadded symmetrical mesh with no triangles and a 16K colour map, perfect for sculpting, wrapping and rendering. We have also included both A and T poses as well as single arm raised pose, all of which were created based on scanned data for realistic muscle deformation and placement. 

Data Sets include

  • Zbrush tool with 6 Subdivisions
  • Lowest Sub Division 32976 Polygons
  • 16384 x 16384 Pixel PSD colour map for body
  • 8192 x 8192 Pixel JPG colour map for body            
  • Unwrapped UV maps
  • Eyes and Mouth included with textures
  • OBJ Subdivision 1 Export
  • FBX Subdivision 1 Export
  • OBJ Decimated Subdivision 6 models



The Zbrush tools have been constructed with sculpting and projection work in mind with poly-groups that include individual fingers toes arms Jaw and ears. 

Zero Triangle mesh

There are absolutely no triangles in our base meshes, everything is 100% quadded topology (excludes eyes and teeth)

A and T Pose

We have included both A and T Poses created using the same mesh and morphed into place using a combination of wrap 3 and specifically captured scans for realistic muscle deformation.

Clean unwrapped UV map

the mesh is unwrapped to make maximum use of the UV space with minimal distortion and includes a 16384 x 16384 pixel texture map in PSD format. We have also included an 8192 x 8192 texture map in JPG format

High resolution skin details

A layer within the Zbrush tool that contains the high resolution skin details