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Morphable Female Base Mesh download

Morphable Female Base Mesh download
Morphable Female Base Mesh download
  • Model: Morphable Female Base Mesh

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Our underweight to overweight scan based female base meshes consist of 3 models controllable by layer sliders in Zbursh. You can morph between underweight to average and finally overweight or anywhere in-between. This is a great way to begin building a character, simply select the adjust the layer sliders to the size / weight you want and start sculpting. These models also come with 16k colour maps and all the secondary control maps you will need for rendering, including, spec, roughness, normal and cavity maps. We've also included a Marmoset Toolbag 4 render scene complete with shaders and lighting setup for each model. 

Data Sets include

  • Zbrush tool with 6 Subdivisions / Layers to control body type   (Requires latest version of Zbrush)
  • Lowest Sub Division 32076 Polygons Highest Sub Division 32845824 Polygons
  • Normal, Spec, Roughness and colour maps supplied for all body parts in TGA and JPG format
  • 16384 x 16384 Pixel TGA colour map for body
  • Unwrapped UV maps
  • Eyes, Mouth, brows and lashes included with textures
  • FBX Subdivision 1 Exports for all subtools

Morphable body shapes

Easily morph between body types using the supplied Zbrush scene

Download female 3d model body

Underweight / Average / Overweight

This pack comes with 3 distinct body types all accessible via the layer sliders in Zbursh. Each model has also been exported as a subdivision Level 1 FBX with Normal, colour, spec, roughness and cavity maps. The renders below are from the supplied Marmoset toolbag 4 scene. 

Download female 3d body scan model

Download female 3d body model

Zbrush Sliders

Using the layer sliders in Zbrush you can easily control the body type of the base mesh.


Download emaciated female body model 3d



Download athletic female body model

Download female back anatomy 3d model Zbrush Download female chest 3d model zbrush


Download overweight female 3d body model

download female 3d model Download female 3d body model

Clean topology

The model uses the same clean quadded mesh and UV layout as our Animation ready body scans allowing for seamless texture swapping or morphing.  

3d body model topology, retopology

Female 3d body scan

16 K Textures

We have included a 16k colour map in both JPG and uncompressed TGA format as well as unique normal, cavity and AO maps for each body state. 

Download female body

Download 3d female body scans Female face scan download

3d body texture maps download

Marmoset Scene file

Included in the download is a Marmoset toolbag 4 scene file with shaders, lighting and HDR setup and ready to go.