3D Lenticular Still Life

Jay Howse has created this fantastic photorealistic lenticular image showing lots of reflections and refractions using our fruit bowl scan from the free scanning reflective surfaces tutorial we wrote in 2016. The image uses a wide angle lens for which as Jay describes is not always considered particularly suitable for 3D work but does in fact, given enough print resolution yield better results than using a narrow angle lens for certain types of image. The image is more comfortable to view and allows a much wider range of head movement before the image 'flips'

Most Lenticular images have a subtle 3D effect as you move from side to side, or sometimes they animate a sequence of frames or flip between 2 or 3 different images. Jays technique uses similar principle but gives a much greater feeling of depth and solidity and also provides vertical as well as horizontal parallax.

The image below shows the lens array that Jay is using, which consists of a plastic sheet around 6x6" covered in tiny 1mm lenses arranged in a hexagonal/honeycomb pattern supplied by a company in the US called FresnelTech. This image is taken from another project using another of our scans, you can watch the video here. 

You can purchase some of Jays Lenticular images on his Etsy page here 

View more of his work and videos on his Youtube Channel

Fruit Bowl Scan 

Click an image below to read the full article and download the model.