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19 Feb Next Generation Colour 3D Printing
andy 8 72431
Next Generation Colour 3D Printing By James Busby Our good friends at Mimaki very kindly sent us a selection of our scans printed using their latest colour 3DUJ-553 printer. The printer uses a full-colour UV LED curing method that allows for up to 10 million possible colour combinations. Obviously, this has a lot of applications in various in..
02 Nov 3D Scanning Reflective Objects With Photogrammetry
andy 27 167195
  3D Scanning Reflective Objects With Photogrammetry By James Busby   One question I see rising time and time again is “how do I scan shiny or reflective objects with photogrammetry” The answer is, you can't, it's impossible to scan a / transparent / reflective or very shiny objects using photogrammetry without some kind of surface preparati..
01 Nov Female Écorché Reference Images
andy 4 58310
Female Écorché Reference Images   Click to enlarge 3D model available here          ..
14 Oct Unreal Engine Scan Demo
andy 0 11919
Unreal Engine Scan Demo   This was a quick tech demo that we created to test out our Military scan bundles in Unreal Engine 4.13.1. The scans were converted in Modo to FBX and imported directly into Unreal with 8k texture maps (reduced from 16k) The environment is the amazing Conifer forest collection available on the Unreal market place   Unre..
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