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26 Jun Scanstore to Reallusion Headshot 2
James Busby 0 2984
ArtistSolomon JagweWebsiteYoutube / Instagram / FacebookScan usedHD Male 3D Head Model 49IntroductionSolomon Jagwe shows us how to turn our HD head scans into awesome Reallusion Character Creator characters using their new Head Shot 2 plugin. In this video he highlights the steps necessary to easily transfer a scanned head from the scan store, comp..
15 Jun Realtime Hair Transfer Tutorial
James Busby 0 5015
ArtistJames BusbyWebsiteArtstation / Instagram / Facebook Scan usedHD Male 3D Head Model 34 / Man Bun HairIntroductionIn this tutorial, I will demonstrate the procedure for transferring our real-time hair models onto any of our high-definition (HD) or standard-definition (SD) head scans. This method necessitates the use of Wrap 3. The technique out..
01 Mar Ukraine Crisis Fundraiser
James Busby 5 16075
Statement  14 days later and we’re so pleased to announce that together we have raised £77,110 in support of those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine. As previously stated we will be donating this sum to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.   We at 3DScanstore are in complete awe of the outpouring of support we’ve received for our Red ..
03 Feb Free - Multi Expression Basemesh
James Busby 28 101486
    Introduction We are proud to announce the release of our new and totally free multi expression base mesh. The aim of this product is to give you the ability to quickly and easily add scan based expressions to your head sculpts.  All of the expressions used in the pack have been captured using our photogrammetry rig and then transferred to o..
17 Jun Free Base Mesh
James Busby 202 139231
Free to download male, female and super average base meshes We're giving away a set of 3 head base meshes, these base heads use the same topology as all of our retopologised and HD head scans and as such are compatible with all of the textures, normal maps and Zbrush models. One big advantage of this is that if you use one of these meshes as ..
04 Jul Texture Transfer For Production
James Busby 95 12841
Texture Transfer For Production Nirmalendu Paul Freelancer & Former Lead Character Artist at Bandai Namco has create an excellent tutorial showing how he has transferred the texture and details from our free head scan onto his fantastic Willem Dafoe Head sculpt using Zbrush and Zwrap. The final renders are created using Marmoset Toolbag. Pleas..
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