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Male And Female 3D Model Bundle

Male And Female 3D body and head models
Male And Female 3D Model Bundle
  • Model: Male And Female 3D Model Mega Bundle / 16 x Scans

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This amazing model pack features 16 x unique male and female 3D scans and models that combine to create an amazing resource for any 3D character artist. We've included both our male and female ultimate textured base meshes along with super high resolution hand and foot scans. The pack also comes with 4 of our retopologised head scans 2 skulls and to top it off 4 full body reference poses 

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Whats included

  • Ultimate Textured Male Base Mesh

  • Ultimate Textured Female Base Mesh

  • Ultimate Male Hand 

  • Ultimate Female Hand 

  • Male Foot scan

  • Female Foot scan

  • 2 x Retopologised Male Heads

  • 2 x Retopologised Female Heads

  • 2 x Male Full Body Reference Poses

  • 2 x Female Full Body Reference Poses

  • European Male Skull

  • European Female Skull