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Male 3D Hand Model / White 40 Years Old

Male 3D Hand Model / White 40 Years Old
Male 3D Hand Model / White 40 Years Old
  • Model: Male 3D Hand Model / White 40 Years Old

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This male hand, features 1 x retopologised hand with super high resolution skin details right down to the fingerprints of a white male in his 40's

Data Set 

2 x High-resolution 3D hand scan

  • 1 x Female hand scan, ZTL, OBJ, and FBX format

  • Colour textures supplied as 16k TGA and 8K JPG

  • Normal, Specular maps supplied as 8k TGA

  • Displacement maps supplied as 8K 16bit Tiff

Real Time Renders

Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3

Male 3D Hand Model with Textures

Real Time Renders

Close up shots from marmoset

Male 3D Hand model with Zbrush file and textures Male 3D Hand Model

High Resolution Details

    Zbrush Screen grab

    Zbrush sculpted hand model

    Cleaned Retopologised Scans

      All the hand scans in the pack use the same mesh and UV layout

      3D Hand Textures

      Texture Maps

        Each hand scan includes corresponding colour, displacement, specular and normal maps.

        Realistic 3d hands

        Full Arm Capture

        Every hand is scanned down to the top of the bicep allowing for easier integration into your models, applications and VR experiences.  

        3D Hands