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Ultimate Male Hand Pack

Ultimate Male Hand Pack
Ultimate Male Hand Pack
  • Model: Ultimate Male Hand Pack

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Our ultimate male hands pack, features 11 x retopologised male hands. Each hand has been re-meshed using wrap 3's new optical flow feature allowing seamless blending between both textures and meshes.

Data Set 

11 x High-resolution 3D hand scans

  • 5 x Fist sequence scans (remeshed with optical flow) in ZTL, OBJ, and FBX format

  • 4 x Wrist bend scans in ZTL, OBJ, and FBX format

  • 1 x Claw pose in ZTL, OBJ, and FBX format

  • 1 x Gun hold pose in ZTL, OBJ, and FBX format

  • Colour textures supplied as 16k TGA and 8K JPG

  • Normal, Specular maps supplied as 8k TGA

  • Displacement maps supplied as 8K 16bit Tiff

  • Bonus Modo scene file with animated fist sequence as shown above (Requires Modo 10.2 v4 or above)

Note:: These models are not rigged

Fist Sequence

    The fist open close scan sequence consists of 5 cleaned retopologised optical flow wrapped hand scans


    Wrist Bend Sequence

      The wrist bend sequence contains 4 retopologised cleaned scans



        2 additional hand poses both retopologised and cleaned 


        Cleaned Retopologised Scans

          All the hand scans in the pack use the same mesh and UV layout

          Texture Maps

            Each hand scan includes corresponding colour, displacement, specular and normal maps.

            Full Arm Capture

            Every hand is scanned down to the top of the bicep allowing for easier integration into your models, applications and VR experiences.  

            Modo Renders

            Renders below created with Modo 



            Real-Time Ready

            As well as the high-resolution ZTL files we have also included OBJ and FBX exports at the lowest subdivision level. When combined with the normal and spec maps the models integrate perfectly into real-time applications such as Marmoset toolbag shown below.