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Female Metamorph 3d head scan

Female 3D Head Scan
Female Metamorph 3d head scan
  • Model: Female Metamorph 09

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Introducing our one-of-a-kind morphs, meticulously crafted using cutting-edge photogrammetry technology and our exclusive character creation tool. Unlike other models, our metamorphs are intentionally designed to be non-representational, ensuring a unique and original result. Each model is derived from high-resolution 3D scans, resulting in intricate and detailed geometry, right down to the pore level. We include a source Zbrush file, exported FBX meshes, 16,384 high-resolution textures, and a 16bit height map with every metamorph, as well as a Marmoset Toolbag lookdev scene to get you started on your creative journey. Discover the ultimate in customizable and distinctive 3D modeling with our metamorphs.

File FormatsZTL (7 Subdivisions) FBX  (Requires Zbrush 2022 or later)
Model SymmetrySymmetrical topology
Skin detailsPore / fine wrinkle level detail with micro map
Included meshesHead, Teeth, Tongue, Eye balls, Lens, Eye Wet, Lashes, Brows.  (FBX & ZTL)
Texture FormatsTGA / JPG (16384 x 16384 pixels)
Displacement map16bit TIF   (16384 x 16384 pixels)
Render SceneMarmoset Toolbag 4 / Blender 3.2.2
Topology compatibilityAll HD, SD & Metamorph head models
Download Size3 GB Approx.

Product Images

The images shown below have been rendered using the supplied Marmoset Toolbag 4 render scene. Click to enlarge

This 3D scan captures the intricate details of a female head, showcasing the unique geometry and facial features. The image provides a clear view of the face from the front, with even lighting and a neutral expression. The high level of detail in the scan makes it a valuable asset for a variety of 3D modeling and rendering projects.
Download 3d head model with realistic skin

Download realistic 3d eye models

Download lips displacement map 3d model

High Resolution skin details 

All of our Metamorph head models come with stunning high definition skin details. For ease of use we have included the Source ZTL file with 7 subdivision levels and 50 million polygons. We have also exported 16k Normal and displacement maps to use in your software of choice.

Download skin micro displacement map


All Metamorph head scans come with 16k albedo, Normal and displacement maps in both uncompressed TGA and JPG formats as well as texture for the eyes, teeth, tongue etc.

Download skin displacement map


The included Ztool gives you access to the source model at its highest resolution.

Realistic head sculpt in Zbrush

Blender Render Scene

Easy to use blender scene with skin shader and lighting set up and read to go. 

Skin shading in Blender