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Welcome to the New 3d models and 3d scans section on the 3dscanstore. This section of our shop showcases our latest products as they arrive, though the products are all shown in their correct categories as well. Our models are all (unless otherwise states) produced from our cutting edge 3d scanning rig. Models come in a range of formats, OBJ, some come in OBJ and ZTL zbrush format, and some others also come in FBX format as well. Check the product details for full info on each model. 

Our Gorilla Ecorche model has been skilfully sculpted by animal anatomy expert Gael Kerchenbaum. Featuring a highly accurate 3d scanned skull and anatomically correct musculature is a great tool for both learning and as a basis for creating your own character. We've included a polypainted Zbrush fil..
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