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3D Female Model / Retopologised

3D Female Model / Retopologised
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3D Female Model / Retopologised
  • Model: Female 3D model / Retopologised Head Scan 030
  • SKU: F3DMRHS30

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A refined older female with a symmetrical polygonal mesh. Generated from our custom high resolution 3d scan data. Complete with eyes, lenses, teeth and eyelashes. Also 16k textures in both PSD and JPG format. Real time ready with normal maps extracted from the included 6 subdivision Zbrush ZTL source model. We've included defined specular, gloss and translucency maps for real time rendering. Which look great in the included Marmoset Toolbag scene file.

All Retopologised head 3D head models share the same point order and UV maps which allows swapping of textures and geometry morphing 

Data Sets includes

  • Zbrush 2020 tool with 6 Subdivisions
  • 16k Pixel PSD Albedo Colour Map
  • 8k Pixel JPG Albedo Colour Map 
  • Eyes, Mouth, Teeth and Lashes with texture maps
  • Unwrapped UV maps
  • OBJ Subdivision 1 Exports for all objects
  • OBJ Decimated Subdivision 6 head model
  • Marmoset Toolbag scene (compatible with Marmoset Toolbag 3 only)

Older Woman Caucasian Rendered Model

Older female skin render three d head model

Realtime Ready 

The renders below directly from Marmoset Toolbag showing the model, shader and included textures

Sixties lady 3d scanned  model eyes Marmoset render

Older female mouth area render three d head model

Texture maps

A 16k albedo colour map is included. Offering high resolution for any platform. As well as supporting specular, gloss, normal and translucency maps in 8k PSD and JPG format

Older ady included texture maps for any platform

Zbrush source files

The model comes with the source Zbrush file with 6 subdivision levels.

Old lady 3dhead model ZBrush Materials

Texture compatibility 

All "Retopologised 3D models" share the same UV space and point order so textures / shader / geometry can be mixed and matched across the range.

3D Face Texture

Marmoset Toolbag Scene

View the scanned model in real time using the Marmoset Toolbag scene file. Everything is included to replicate this image

Older lady included texture maps for any platform in Marmoset

Older Female Eyes 3D Model included in Marmoset scene