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Clown Overlay Texture 01

Clown Overlay Texture 01
Clown Overlay Texture 01
  • Model: Clown Overlay Texture 01
  • SKU: CLOT01

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Our drag-and-drop overlay textures seamlessly integrate with all our HD, SD, Meta, and Exomorph head scans. Provided as a single-layered PSD, these textures include individual layers for Albedo, Roughness, Gloss, Specular, Normal, and Height maps. This allows for effortless blending with any compatible head scan or model. Mix and match textures to craft uniquely complex effects, adding both depth and character to your 3D models.

File FormatsPSD (8192 x 8192 pixels)
Included meshes
Super average base mesh (OBJ, FBX)
HDSDMeta, and Exomorph heads
Included Textures
Albedo / Roughness / Gloss / Specular / Normal / Height
Download Size
300 MB Approx.
TutorialComing Soon!

Product Images

Marmoset toolbag renders using one of our HD head scans for illustration purposes only. (No facial skin texture is included with this product)

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Free dirt PBR texture

Included maps

All textures are supplied as a single layered 8192 x 8192 pixel PSD with Diffuse, Roughness, Gloss, Height, Normal and Specular 

Free to download PRB texture maps for characters

Close up renders

All maps are created to hold up to extreme close up shots. 

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