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Gorilla Écorché 3d model

3D Gorilla Model
Gorilla Écorché 3d model
  • Model: Gorilla écorché

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Our Gorilla Ecorche model has been skilfully sculpted by animal anatomy expert Gael Kerchenbaum. Featuring a highly accurate 3d scanned skull and anatomically correct musculature is a great tool for both learning and as a basis for creating your own character. We've included a polypainted Zbrush file with individual subtools for all the muscle groups as well as the skeleton and the surrounding body mesh. We have also exported all individual models as Level 1 Subdivision OBJ's and FBX's with supporting colour and normal maps. Further more we have included decimated OBJ files for the Body, Skeleton and Muscles as well as a ZTL for quick reference. 

Data Set 

  • ZTL Gorilla Ecorche model with split subtool muscle groups (Zbrush 2020 or later)
  • ZTL Gorilla Ecorche model with decimated body, skeleton and muscles (Zbrush 2020 or later)
  • ZTL Skeleton (Zbrush 2019 or later)
  • OBJ / FBX Exported Level 1 subtools for individual muscle groups and skeletal parts
  • OBJ Decimated Skeleton, Muscles and body objects
  • FBX Individual decimated subtools / muscles groups
  • TGA / JPG Textures for both Colour and Normal maps
  • Marmoset Toolbag realtime scene files (Requires Marmoset Toolbag) 

Gorilla 3D Model Download

Gorilla 3D muscles

3D Gorilla download model

3D Gorilla Skeleton download

Download Gorilla Skeleton 3D Model

Download Gorilla 3D Skull

3D Gorilla Mesh Download

Zbrush Model

This Ecorche comes complete with the high resolution Zbrush file containing 17 separate subtools with each muscle group and bone with its own polygroup.

Download Zbrush Gorilla model

Download 3D Model of Gorilla

Texture Maps

We have supplied 20, 8k texture maps both colour and normal maps in JPG and uncompressed TGA format.

UV Mapped 3D Gorilla model

Marmoset Toolbag realtime scene

We've also included a Marmoset toolbag scene for easy viewing of the model.