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Tiger Skull 3d Model

Download Tiger Skull 3D Model
Tiger Skull 3d Model
  • Model: Tiger Skull 3d Model
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Our male tiger skull 3D model was created from over 400 high resolution images and combined using photogrammetry software to create a highly detailed 3d scan. The skull is supplied as both Zbrush ZTL and OBJ files compatible with nearly all 3D applications including Blender, Maya, Unreal Engine and Unity. The Zbursh model features 5 subdivision levels with for both the cranium and the jaw as well as exported decimated models for easy referencing.  

Data Set 

High resolution colour scan of an Tiger Cranium and Jaw Bone

  • 1 x ZBrush ZTL Model with cranium and jaw as separate subtools [Untextured]

  • 2 x Decimated OBJ files of both the cranium and Jaw [Untextured]

Note: ZBrush ZTL requires version ZBrush 2019. This model does not include texture maps

Zbrush Renders of Tiger Skull 3D Model

3D Tiger Skull Download Model

Download 3D tiger Model

3D Tiger head model skull download Download 3D Tiger head and skull models

3D Scanned Tiger 3D model head