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27 Jul Fast photorealistic body texturing using scan data
James Busby 0 19278
    Introduction In this tutorial I'm going to show you a very quick and fairly simple way of texturing full body sculpts or models using 3D ScanStore animation ready full body scans. This process allows you to transfer details from our scans onto your sculpt by using a combination of Wrap 3 and Zbrush resulting in a fully texture mapped mode..
17 Jun Advantages of using  the same  base mesh
James Busby 2 5518
Introduction A short video outlining the advantages of using a consistent base mesh for all your head sculpts. looking in particular at our Scan store base and how it can be used with multiple texture maps to very quickly and easily texture your sculpts using photographic textures captured with our photogrammetry rig. Download free base mesh..
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