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Male Explorer Game Character

Low polygon game character to download
Male Explorer Game Character
  • Model: Male Explorer

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This remarkable game-ready male explorer model has been meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards, utilizing one of our comprehensive full-body 3D scans as its foundation. The model is accompanied by a low-polygon game-ready mesh available in both OBJ and FBX formats, along with the original Zbrush ZTL file for those interested in modifying or reusing specific elements of the mesh for their own characters. All textures are supplied as uncompressed TGA files and are fully compatible with all Physically Based Rendering (PBR) workflows. For convenient rigging, the model provides both a standard A-Pose and a dynamic heroic pose. Additionally, we have thoughtfully included Blender and Marmoset Toolbag render scenes, complete with pre-configured lighting and shaders, ensuring effortless integration into your projects.

File FormatsZTL, FBX, OBJ  (Requires Zbrush 2022 or later)
Skin detailsPore / fine wrinkle level detail with micro map
Included meshesHead, Hair, Teeth, Tongue, Eye balls, Lens, Eye Wet, Lashes, Brows, Shirt, Pants, Holster, Watch, Belt, Gun,  (OBJ, FBX, ZTL)
Texture FormatsTGA - PBR workflow
Render SceneBlender, Marmoset Toolbag 4
Body Topology compatibilityAll Animation Ready Body Scans
Download Size5.86 GB

Product Images

This amazing character comes with both an A Pose for easy rigging and a posed model for easy integration into an existing scene or artwork. 

Low poly game character

Download low polygon game character

Download realistic game character model

Download low polygon game ready character asset

High resolution clothing

Our male explorer features amazing high resolution clothing details allowing him to stand up even under the extreme close up shots.

Game character albedo maps

Download realistic high resolution pants model

Download realistic game ready gun model

Download gun holster 3d model

realistic ammo pouches 3d model low polygon game ready asset

3d PBR leather texture

Download realistic low polygon game ready leather belt

Download realistic low polygon watch 3d model

Download game ready 3d boots model with low polygon geometry

Realtime Hair

No character is compete without hair, this model comes with a super high detail expertly crafted messy hair style. All created with realtime polygon cards for easy integration into any game engine

Realistic polygon hair cards download

Download polygon hair

Hair alpha cards

Hair alpha textures download

Detailed face and body

As with all of our scan store character this model is supplied with highly detailed scan based head and body details.

Realistic game character to download

Realistic 3d hand model

Download male 3d body model


This model comes with all the textures you will need to set him up in any software that uses PBR textures. We have supplied, Albedo, Roughness, Metalness, AO and Alpha maps for all the objects in the scene.

Character art PBR textures

Individual Meshes

All items of clothing are supplied as individual object that can be used to easily create other characters. 

Realistic 3d game character

Low Polygon game ready mesh

This game ready model has expertly crafted low polygon meshes created with rigging and animation in mind.

Game character topology

Zbrush ZTool

This model comes with the source ZTL used to create the low polygon game mesh. Each subtool is organised into folders and named correctly for ease of use.

Highly realistic Zbrush character sculpt

sculpting clothing in Zbrush

Sculpting fabric in Zbrush

Pants sculpting with Zbrush

Blender And Marmoset Scenes

We have included both Blender and Marmoset Toolbag 4 scene files with both the A pose and Posed models setup and ready to render. 

Realistic character render in Marmoset toolbag

Skin shading in Blender