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Female Foot Pack

Female Foot Pack
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Female Foot Pack
  • Model: Female Foot Pack
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Our female foot pack contains three high resolution 3D scanned feet. One neutral, one pointing and one back. Each foot has been cleaned and retopologised.  All come with supporting textures and geometry in OBJ, ZTL and FBX formats. 

Data Set 

2 x High-resolution 3D foot scans

  • 1 x Female foot neutral position in ZTL, OBJ, and FBX format

  • 1 x Female foot pointed toes clenched position in ZTL, OBJ, and FBX format

  • Colour textures supplied as 16k TGA and 8K JPG

  • Normal, Specular maps supplied as 8k TGA

  • Displacement maps supplied as 8K 16bit Tiff

    Neutral And Pointed Scans

      Cleaned Retopologised Scans

        All scans in the pack use the same mesh and UV layout

        Texture Maps

          Each foot scan includes corresponding colour, displacement, specular and normal maps.