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Male / 4 x HD Displacement Map Pack

Download Male head texture maps
Male / 4 x HD Displacement Map Pack
  • Model: Male / 4 x HD Displacement Map Pack 01
  • SKU: M4xHDMP01

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This Male displacement map and Albedo texture pack is fully compatible with our base heads and all retopologised heads and HD heads on the store. The pack contains 4 x 16bit displacement map and 4 x Albedo map. Both maps are 16384 x 16384 pixels. These maps have been extracted from our HD head models and provide a very quick and easy way to add realistic high resolution skin details to your models.


In order to get the most out of our HD Displacement maps we have prepared a series of tutorials that will guide you thought the various methods and techniques used to displace your models.

Data Set Includes

  • 4 x 16K PSD 16bit PSD Displacement Map
  • 4 x 16K PSD Albedo Map
  • 1 x Base mesh
  • 1 x Secondary and Tertiary details Photoshop action.  

Albedo and Displacement maps

16384 x 16384 Pixel Texture Maps

All displacement maps have been authored at 16k and supplied as 16bit PSD files



Easy Zbrush displacement

By either sculpting your character with our base mesh or wrapping it to your sculpt you can quickly and easily use our displacement and albedo maps to texture your model in seconds. Image below shows the displacement map applied to a 3d scan. (Scan not included)



Primary, secondary and Tertiary details

We have included a photoshop action and short tutorial which will quickly generate primary, secondary and tertiary maps from the supplied displacement map.

Base mesh

Our maps all fit to the same UV's and base mesh making it easy to wrap to your sculpt of sculpt using our base mesh. (Mesh included in download)