2 Minute Tutorial - Easy Hair Removal

By James Busby

In this video we are going to show you how to very quickly and very easily remove unwanted noisy hair from body scans. It can be difficult to remove it without destroying the underlying form and for this very reason we see a lot of overly smooth scans. This mask based Zbrush technique allows you to smooth off the hair and still keep the shape of the body underneath. 

This tutorial uses a Zremeshed arm section which can be downloaded using the link below. Its worth bearing in mind that this technique would work on a non remeshed subdivsional model simply by working on the RAW mesh however you will not be able to achieve the same results as you would with a subD mesh. 

Download Arm Section Scan (Requires Zbrush 4R8 or higher)



Basic Workflow 

  1. Mask by smoothness
  2. Set Range 1 Falloff 100
  3. Invert Mask 
  4. Hide Mask
  5. Drop down 2 subdivision levels 
  6. Smooth 
  7. Move up 1 subdivision level
  8. Smooth 
  9. Move to final Highest subdivion level 
  10. Smooth

Please let us know if this was useful in the comments below.