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Male Super Hero Reference Models

Super Hero 3D Models
Male Super Hero Reference Models
  • Model: Male Super Hero Reference Models

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Our superhero reference pack comprises seven meticulously crafted poses, sculpted by renowned digital artist and toy sculptor Erick Sosa. The pack comprises two distinct hero models, namely Uber man and Savage man, each with their unique poses. All of these models have been sculpted based on our animation-ready body scans, which serve as the foundation for both the topology and the textures. Consequently, these models are fully compatible with all of our retopologised body scans. The package includes 16k JPG and uncompressed TGA textures for all poses, while the models are available in OBJ and FBX formats, as well as the source Zbrush tool. Additionally, we have, for the first time, included 3D printable STL files for each of the poses.

File FormatsZTL (6 Subdivisions) FBX  (Requires Zbrush 2022.0.6 or later)
Skin details
Fine wrinkle level detail with micro map
Included meshes
Head, Teeth, Tongue, Eye balls, Lens, Lashes, Brows, Hair, Underwear  (OBJ, FBX, ZTL)
Texture Formats
TGA / JPG (16384 x 16384 pixels)
Render Scene
Marmoset Toolbag 4
Topology compatibility
All Animation Ready Body Scans
Download Size
22 GB Approx. (Split into 3 .zip files)
3D printableDecimated STL files included

Download super hero 3d body model

7 Unique poses

The images shown below have been rendered using the supplied Marmoset Toolbag 4 render scene. Click to enlarge

Download super man 3d Zbrush model

download this sculpted super man 3d body model from zbrush

Download a 3d model of superman flying

Download a Zbrush model of superman

Download a 3d model of wolverine

Realistic wolverine 3d model to download

How to sculpt a super hero 3d body model in Zbrush

Sculpting a superhero in Zbrush

Sculpting super hero muscles in Zbrush

Download 3d fist model

Texture Compatibility

This model shares the identical topology, UVs, and point order as all of our animation-ready body scans. Therefore, textures and meshes can be interchanged and morphed seamlessly with any of these models.

Superhero 3d texture maps

Zbrush ZTool

All poses come  with the source Zbrush tool so you can export your own maps and use his as a basis for your own sculpts. 

Super hero 3d body model topology

Body topology 3d model

Open and closed hand layers

Each of the A poses in our collection now features an additional layer that enables you to manipulate the hands by opening and closing them to suit your needs.

Muscular 3d male body model download

Zbrush Renders

Screen grabs obtained directly from the source ZTL files. All Ztools have 6 subdivision levels allowing you to export whatever maps you might need.

Close-up of a 3D-printable superhero head with striking facial features and realistic hair.

A close-up of the superhero's muscular arm, showing intricate details and surface texture.

A front-facing view of the superhero's face, showcasing intense expression and realistic details.

A close-up of the superhero's helmet, revealing intricate design and surface texture.

A detailed view of the superhero's torso, highlighting intricate muscles and textured armor.

A close-up of the superhero's textured boots, featuring intricate design and surface details.

A dynamic, 3D-printable superhero figurine with textured bodysuit and detailed hair.

Marmoset Scene

We have included a fully functioning marmoset toolbag scene with the lighting, shading and cameras setup for you. 

A close-up of a superhero's head, rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 4, featuring realistic facial features and hair.

STL Files

Included in this pack are decimated STL files for all poses, facilitating a straightforward 3D printing process should you opt to do so.

A 3D-printable STL file of a superhero in a dynamic action pose, with intricate muscle definition