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HD Female 3D Head Model 03

HD Female 3D Head Model 03
HD Female 3D Head Model 03
  • Model: HD Female Head Model 03
  • SKU: HDFHM03

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Our HD Female 03 3D scanned model has been created using highly accurate 3D scans data captured with our 120 camera dedicated head scanning system. The model has been retopolgoised and cleaned to an extremely high level and represents a production ready professionally detailed mesh that can hold up to extreme close ups with pore level details present in both the texture maps and the highly detailed 7 sub division Zbrush tool. The data set includes a fully functional real time scene in Marmoset toolbag 3. We have setup all the shaders and lighting as shown in the renders below, this is a great way to learn how to create professional and realistic skin setups in realtime. 

1 x 7 Subdivision level Zbrush tool containing the head eyelashes, eye brows, eye balls, teeth and tongue. (Requires latest version of Zbrush)
1 x Marmoset toolbag scene file with shaders and lighting setup (compatible with Marmoset Toolbag 4 only) 
1 x Blender scene version 3.2.2
1 x Set of 16k uncompressed TGA textures
1x 16bit Tertiary forms displacement map (Pores and wrinkles displacement)
1 x Set of 8k JPG textures
1 x Set of exported OBJ files
1 x Set of exported FBX files

Download Size ::  2.68GB

Marmoset Toolbag 3 Render Scene

We've included a fully functional marmoset toolbag scene with the skin and material shaders all setup and working using the supplied 8k JPG texture maps. 

All the renders show below are from the supplied Marmoset scene unless otherwise stated.

Female face scan download

Lips Texture

Eyes 3D Texture maps download

Download female face texture map

Download 3D Eye lashes model for womans face

3D Skin shader download

Marmoset toolbag lighting setup

High Resolution Zbrush Source Files

The high res Ztool file comes with 7 Subdivision levels, with the highest being just over 50 million polygons. Having the source data available allows you to export your own meshes at a sub division level of your choosing as well as your own normal or displacement maps. 

Female Zbrush sculpt girl head

Zbrush face sculpt to download Download zbrush lips alpha

Face texture and normal maps with wireframe and uv maps

Retopologised head

Fully retopologised with clean usable topology and easy to select poly groups for the eyes and mouth, this head model could easily form the basis for another head sculpt.

Texture Maps3D Head topology download

All our HD models include a full range of texture maps to cover all your rendering needs for both realtime and offline renders supplied as both uncompressed TGA and compressed JPG files for ease of use. 

Download skin textures

PBR texture maps to download for face

Scanned Teeth

We scanned a selection of real teeth casts in order to create the HD head teeth and tongue models. 

Download 3d female teeth

Blender Render Scene

Easy to use blender scene with skin shader and lighting set up and read to go. 

Download blender render scene with skin shader and HDRI lighting