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Male Pole Dancer Pose 02

Male pole dancer
Male Pole Dancer Pose 02
  • Model: Male Pole Dancer Pose 02
  • SKU: MPD02

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This male pole dancer pose is ideal for exploring anatomy or for crafting your own distinct character. Our reference poses are created through a fusion of RAW scan data projection and automated topology generation with Zremesher. Please note that reference poses might include geometry and texture inaccuracies in hidden mesh areas. Each model is provided with a 5-level subdivision ZTL model, containing between 7.5 and 8 million polygons at the most. Additionally, a 1 million polygon decimated OBJ's and an 8k JPG texture map are supplied. While these models are not prepared for advanced animation they are great for sculpting and art reference.

File FormatsZTL (5 Subdivisions) FBX  (Requires Zbrush 2022 or later)
Model SymmetryNot symmetrical
Skin detailsMedium frequency details 
Included meshesSingle mesh body and pole
Texture FormatsJPG (8192 x 8192 pixels)
Displacement mapNo
Render SceneNo
Topology compatibilityZremeshed topology
Download Size150 MB Approx.

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Pole Dancer anatomy reference 3d model donwloadPole Dancer anatomy reference 3d model donwload

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