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HD Head Scans

Take a look at our diverse range of ultra high definition head scans.


High resolution game ready characters.


Brows our selection of high resolution hand scans with detail captured right down to the fingerprints

Polygon Hair

Browse our growing library of high resolution polygon hairstyles

Retopologised Body Scans

Retopologised animation ready body scans complete with 6 subdivision Zbrush sub tools with 16k texture maps and exported FBX models for compatibility with all 3d software applications.

Stylised Characters

Hand crafted stylised characters based on scan data.


Humanoid creatures created from high resolution scan data.

Pose Bundles

Take a look at our wide selection of 3d scanned full body reference pose bundles.

Hair Styles

High resolution game ready polygon hair styles, compatible with all of our HD and SD head scans

Ballet Dancers

Journey though our beautiful collection of ballet scans, captured in 1/10000th of a second to perfectly preserve every form.


Latest additions to the 3d scan store library

Displacement Maps

16k 16bit displacement maps complete with 16k Albedo textures. Compatible with all our head scans.

Male Clothing

Take a look at out male clothing range of retopologised game ready scans.

Arch Viz Characters

Select from our wide range of high quality arch viz characters.

Morphable Base Meshes

Our underweight to overweight scan based male and female base meshes consist of 3 models controllable by layer sliders in Zbursh. You can morph between underweight to average and finally overweight or anywhere in-between.

Featured Product

Take a look at our latest scan based super hero model "Big guy" compatible with all of our animation ready body scans texture maps and topology.


3d Ecorche models generated from 3d scans, all our human and animal ecorche models are supplied with high resolution source Zbursh ZTL files as well as supporting OBJ an FBX files including decimated models for quick and easy viewing in the 3D software of your choice.

Albedo Maps

Over 170 high resolution 16k albedo maps in PSD format compatible with all head scans and base mesh models

Best Sellers

Our most popular 3d scans and models from the store.

Military Scans

AOR 1, AOR 2 and MTP Multicam full body military scans.


Our selection of 3d scanned skulls includes everything from humans to gorillas
Our scans out in the wild.
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